Heya. Seems like I haven't posted here for a long while. How is everyone doing? :D

Wow, LJ layout does change a lot. Looks quite unfamiliar to me but I'll try to manage. Recently I've been back to my long-time favourite fandom of Sup/Bat! Hopefully I will have time to draw this pairing again. Unfortunately I haven't read the comics that much so I have no clue what are the major changes in DC ( especially with our Supe and Bat's family ). :(

Well, for one thing I only know that Bruce lost Damian. That's so sad. The kid just started to grow on me. :((

Anyway, I hope you all are still doing great and that life treats you well! Will see if I can come up with some fanart during the weekend! ;)
*hugs everyone*
Armani Bruce

[ Fanart ] Avengers Horse

Title : Avengers Horse
Fandom : Marvel's Avengers
Continuity : Movie-verse
Characters : Pretty much everyone.
Rating : G
Warning : None.
Disclaimer : Avengers and its related characters belong to Marvel Studio
A/N : Just want to draw Avengers characters in horse forms! They make a pretty good herd. ;)

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Oh, wow. I feel like I haven't open LJ for ages. Since I kinda lost interest in our S/B fandom, I had no motivation to come check LJ anymore. But after TDKR, I think my muses are slowly coming back.

Can anyone summarize to me what is going on now with our Bat family ( Bruce, Damian, Dick, etc. ) and Supe? Last time I checked, Bruce and Damian were still having a hard time working together. ( Yeah, the last issue I read was when Bruce found a Great Dane for Damian ). And Supe, somewho he seemed to look younger in Action Comics and they just met Aquaman in Justice League... I know, it was long time ago... :(

I'm working on my latest piece of Avengers fanart and I look forward to draw more from DC Comic. :)

I start my Master Degree program now and am quite busy. How about you guys? I hope you all are fine! 
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Batman in Wonderland

I need help with English lesson!

Hiya! Long time no post here! I just hope you guys can help me out.

Okay, here is a bit background. My colleagues' English skill is very poor. They don't want to read English text and can't communicate in English with our customers. So, I was assigned from my manager to give English lessons that can be applied to work which is not an easy task as my manager gives me only 30 minutes per lesson, and two lessons per week. Also, she doesn't want me to start teaching these people from zero, as they're all grown-up and she expects them to have some knowledge in basic English ( which I'm not 100% sure they have ).

I don't really know how to set up a course, or which subject should I be teaching them first or later on. Should I teach them a lot of  Grammar or should I just focus on English Comprehension. Since now using English becomes quite natural to me, I really have no idea how to teach people who have difficulties in using it. If I teach a lot of Grammar and/or Vocabulary, they will get bored very easily.

Anyone have ideas? It would be great if you can give me guideline or brief course syllabus of some sort. :)
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[ Fanart ] Caught In The Middle

Title : Caught in the Middle
Fandom : Marvel, movie-verse
Link to Master post : Caught in the Middle by emisolde and artist mmartianchild
Characters : Loki, Steve, Thor
Rating : G
Disclaimer : They're not mine.
Warning : None, I think.
A/N : This is the piece I promise the writeremisolde long time ago. I read her fic and was absolutely love it so I decided to draw something from it. I'm sorry for taking this so long, hon. I hope you like it.

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[ Fanart ] The Avengers in Black

Title : The Avengers in Black
Fandom : Marvel
Characters : Bruce Banner, Thor, Steve Roger, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Nick Fury
Continuity : Movie-verse
Rating : G
Disclaimer : Nope. Not mine.
A/N : My tribute to the upcoming movie! Can't wait to see it in May 1st. :)

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[ Fancomic ] Dragon's Call Part 2

Title : Dragon's Call part 2
Fandom : BBC Merlin
Characters ( for this chapter ) : Merlin, Gaius, Uther
Rating : PG ( for blood )
Disclaimer : 'Merlin' belongs to many people but not me.
Summary : The young warlock, Merlin, witnessed an execution of a sorcerer on his way to see Gaius.
A/N : Part 2 of my Merlin fancomic series! Took me long enough to finish. I change my drawing style a bit just to finish P.4 quicker. Let me know what you think! :)

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[ Fancomic ] Dragon's Call part 1

Title : Dragon's Call Part 1
Fandom : BBC Merlin
Characters ( for this chapter ) : Merlin, Uther, and Thomas the goat
Rating : G, so far.
Disclaimer : Nope. Not mine. BBC Merlin belongs to BBC, of course.
Summary : A particular young warlock made his way to Camelot, where magic is banned.
A/N : In my version of Merlin fancomic, everyone will be portrayed as animal. You may not need to watch the series to understand this comic though.

My attempt to draw a fancomic for Merlin! I just can't get this idea out of my head. Please let me know what you think so I can decide if I should go on with it, after I finish the first episode.
So sorry for the poor quality of the images. ( For bigger and better version, please visit my DA )

For DA version, click here.

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[ Fanart ] Warmth

Title : Warmth 
Fandom : BBC Merlin
Characters : Merlin, Arthur
Rating : G
Disclaimer : They're not mine.
Warning : None
A/N : This is for northern_st birthday! The prompt is "Campfire". I'm not sure you're still around or not but if you do see this pic, I hope you like it, sweetie. *big hug to you* :)

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[ Fanart ] Another Day, Another Quest

Yay! I finally did it. My first Merlin fanart! :D

I didn't watch every episode of S1 to S3 but I really enjoy watching S4 so far. ( The show was just on air in Thailand a couple of weeks ago. ) Merlin and Arthur are my favourite character, though I don't know why but I can't ship them. They are more like a brother or BFF to me. :)

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A DA version can be found here.